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Marie McCray – Throat Abuse

Marie McCray – Throat Abuse
Marie McCray - Throat Abuse
Welcome Marie McCray, from the McCray Clan. This sexy Irish Red head is as cute a kitten and tougher then a bobcat.
Bound on her knees and held in place by a trio of neck ropes, Marie finds her self completely helpless and at our mercy. With her wrist bound to her thighs, palms out, there is no hope for escape.
We start by abusing her HUGE lactating nipples. The suction cups pull the milky liquid out of her nipples. Marie is stunned as she witnesses her nipples slowing giving up the liquid. Next we take one of the cutest most innocent looking girls and skull fuck her throat, deep and hard, without mercy. There is nothing she can do as the cock pushes itself deeper down her throat over and over, turning her mouth and throat into just another pussy to fuck.
With the cock all the way down the back of her throat we begin a long game of breath control leaving our redhead with out air, dizzy and confused. With her huge nipples now clamped and pulled out we take our cute Irish girl and make her cum. Not just once or twice, but until she is deep into subspace, a shell of of her former self, broken sexually.

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Lyla Storm – Category 5 Skull Fucking

Lyla Storm – Category 5 Skull Fucking
Lyla Storm - Category 5 Skull Fucking
Welcome the beautiful, flexible, and ever so tough Lyla Storm back to Sexually Broken. Our should-be runway model is about to suffer intense bondage and brutal deepthroat training.
You know how you make your bitch suck cock better? Practice, practice, practice. Bind her in a helpless modified hogtied postion where her face hole is at just the right height and fuck her skull like its a wet hot pussy. Balls deep, hard pounding and if she gags on it, fuck it harder. It’s the best training for the subject matter, non stop throat fucking.
If you like breath control scenes with your outstanding bondage then this update is for you. The hard cock that is fucking Lyla’s pie hole goes all the way down her throat and no breathing is possible. She breaths when we let her and we get meaner and meaner about it.
After surviving her heroic skull fucking we attack her pussy with fingers and a vibrator. We make her squirt, and cum and then cum again. There is only so much a girl can take, so we grant her mercy on the sexual attack and simply let the bondage take over. We lift her off the ground into a beautiful Category 5 suspension and make her cum one more time for good measure. Lyla is left to suffer in the brutal bondage until we are ready give her throat another lesson.

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Leilani Leeane – Skull Fucked-Ass Fucked-Bondage Fucked!

Leilani Leeane – Skull Fucked-Ass Fucked-Bondage Fucked!
Leilani Leeane - Skull Fucked-Ass Fucked-Bondage Fucked!
As we write this, Leilani Leeane is currently the 6th most popular porn star in the world according to AVN. Besides being beautiful and having one of the nicest asses on the planet, Leilani is a genuine sweetheart.
You know what we love doing to beautiful 19-year-olds? Yep, you guessed it, tying them up so they are completely helpless, and fucking the shit out of every hole they have.
Our sexy little 19-year-old is way out of her comfort zone. She is used to making love, and having normal sex for the vanilla porn world. Not today. Today she finds out what being helpless is all about.
We brutally skull fuck her pie hole. Leilani can do nothing to prevent the hard cock from going ALL the way down her wet throat. We fuck her face, and control her breathing with cock. Tears trickle from her sad eyes as the cock rams home again and again, down the back of her throat.
After that deep slippery throat saliva is coating that hard cock we jam it up her ass. For a 19-year-old with a perfect booty she sure can take a powerful ass fucking. We make her cum a few times, then make her suck her ass juices off the cock.
Back and forth we fuck her. She is totally helpless as her holes are violated again and again. Totally fucked out we grab her ankles and turn her into a work of art. Her back is arched, her feet spread up and high. In this position we make the little slut cum again with a vibrator.
Swimming in subspace, disorientated and cum drunk, with a huge ass hook in place, we leave our beautiful star to suffer in the bondage. When we are ready to fuck her holes again we will let her down, but not before…

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Leilani Leeane – Ass fucked & Scorpioned

Leilani Leeane – Ass fucked & Scorpioned
Leilani Leeane - Ass fucked & Scorpioned
Welcome Leilani Leeane to Sexually Broken. This girl has one of the nicest asses on the planet, so we should we should fuck it!
One look at Leilani Leeane and you know this is going to be a good day. We have her tied down the way a good slut should be, face down and amazing ass up. It lets us get into that pussy and wrack her body with brutal orgasms. Even better, it gives perfect access to that tight little asshole of hers.
The look on her face when that cock buries itself into her ass is the perfect combination of pain, ecstasy and humiliation. She wants to hate it. She knows she should hate it. But as much as she doesn’t want it to, it just feels so good to be used like that. She can’t help herself, a good ass fucking is exactly what she needs.
We end the day with a brutal scorpion tie, a back breaking postion that would have anyone begging to be released.

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Interrogatio – Impalement 2

Interrogatio – Impalement 2
Interrogatio - Impalement 2
Woman tortured in a dark basement of the Inquisition.
Beaten with a whip, hung upside down by the leg, poured into the throat, and some nonsense ..
eventually put on a metal stake with a screw.
screw screwed

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Felony – Bondage Has Evolved Bitches, Where’s Your God Now

Felony – Bondage Has Evolved Bitches, Where’s Your God Now
Felony - Bondage Has Evolved Bitches, Where's Your God Now
Welcome Felony to Sexually Broken. This amazingly flexible MILF is one of the hottest 30 somethings you will ever see suffer extreme bondage. Come for the Category 5 suspension, stay for the gallon of squirt we rip out of her helpless body.
You know how you go to every other bondage sex site, and the girl is already tied up and stays in that one position the entire time, while some one walks around her and hits her with something? Well those days are over. Sexually Broken evolves bondage before your eyes.
What starts as a spread position on the bed morphs into a beautiful “Fuck Me” position which morphs into an amazing Category Five suspension. So seriously, if you’re looking for the best “technical” most creative bondage and sex on the enternet you’re at it right now. And we don’t have to hire male porn stars that know nothing about bondage to do the fucking.
Felony starts bound spread and helpless. We start by cutting and trimming her unruly pussy hair, and depositing the trimmings into her mouth. Then it is time to make this MILF cum and cum hard. Her first orgasm is a squirt feist of biblical proportions. She didn’t have permission to cum, so we cane her feet and bring the vibrator back again. Her second orgasm dwarfs her other in intensity and volume. You won’t believe your eyes, seriously won’t believe it.
Felony is now a drooling, cum drunk mess, we pull her legs back and give her brutal rough fucking. She gets a professional dick down and cums multiple time while taking cock. Before she can understand what is even happening she is suspended in a catastrophic back arching suspension from hell that is truly beautiful to behold. Once up, we rip another screaming squirting orgasm out of our Hot MILF. Felony is done, all she can do is suffer in the extreme bondage and wait for for us to become interested in her again…

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Extreme Tit Torture 8

Extreme Tit Torture 8
Extreme Tit Torture 8
A man tormented by a girl with very large breasts. Ties with ropes, catches clothespins on nipples, etc.

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Elite Pain – Initiation Procedure

Elite Pain – Initiation Procedure
Elite Pain - Initiation Procedure
Two ladies apply for a Job at the secret sect as Dr Lomp’s female guards. Before they get hired, they must complete a training and go through a very painful initiation procedure, which includes for example a one hundred strokes whipping. They have to endure this whipping without a single movement They must not move even if the whip accidentally hits their pussies… and this ‘accident’ happens quite frequently…

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Elite Pain – 100 Strokes Challenge

Elite Pain – 100 Strokes Challenge
Elite Pain - 100 Strokes Challenge
The first release of this ‘Challenge’ series features Mya, the submissive slave. She has to endure 100 (one-hundred!) strokes with different instruments on her different body parts. She has to count each strokes, thank them. and ask for the next stroke within a reasonable time. If she makes a mistakes. or doesn‘t aintain her position properly. she gets an extra punishment lash on her pussy in the very humiliating all-fours position. which doesn’t count into the one undred. The lady who administers the severe strokes and whiplashes in this release for Mya is the beautiful and vicious Jessica Lee a.k.a Kyra.

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Dan Hawke – Interludes Of Agony VIII

Dan Hawke – Interludes Of Agony VIII
Dan Hawke - Interludes Of Agony VIII
Another bounty of bound pulchritude waits within this package! First girl-next-door beauty Giovanna Giore is bound sitting to Dan’s bondage box, legs spread wide. Dan adds a pump gag and crotch rope and forces the girlish babe into a nasty arch! Ouch, watch that rope get swallowed by pussy lips. Next up and extended scene of Trina getting clothespin treatment. Dan has a nice rapport with Trina which makes this an especially erotic scene. Great close up of thread of drool dropping off Trina’s crushed pussy lips.
Liz Tyler and Aiysis are bound back to back. A rope from each beauty’s foot runs through pulleys before lodging deep within the other girl’s pussy. The rope seesaws back and forth between the two cunts and the girls get madder and madder at one another! Natalia Ashe gets a modified hogtie next and the spreader bar between her ankles allows for some lovely views of her wide open puss and her gorgeously puckered asshole.
Finally Cybil, another model with a real submissive bent, gets worked over with crop and flogger until she glows a cherry red. Finally her ankles are spread wide and she finishes up with a tortuous spread eagle suspension. As always, previews of other titles are included.

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