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Felony – Bondage Has Evolved Bitches, Where’s Your God Now

Felony – Bondage Has Evolved Bitches, Where’s Your God Now
Felony - Bondage Has Evolved Bitches, Where's Your God Now
Welcome Felony to Sexually Broken. This amazingly flexible MILF is one of the hottest 30 somethings you will ever see suffer extreme bondage. Come for the Category 5 suspension, stay for the gallon of squirt we rip out of her helpless body.
You know how you go to every other bondage sex site, and the girl is already tied up and stays in that one position the entire time, while some one walks around her and hits her with something? Well those days are over. Sexually Broken evolves bondage before your eyes.
What starts as a spread position on the bed morphs into a beautiful “Fuck Me” position which morphs into an amazing Category Five suspension. So seriously, if you’re looking for the best “technical” most creative bondage and sex on the enternet you’re at it right now. And we don’t have to hire male porn stars that know nothing about bondage to do the fucking.
Felony starts bound spread and helpless. We start by cutting and trimming her unruly pussy hair, and depositing the trimmings into her mouth. Then it is time to make this MILF cum and cum hard. Her first orgasm is a squirt feist of biblical proportions. She didn’t have permission to cum, so we cane her feet and bring the vibrator back again. Her second orgasm dwarfs her other in intensity and volume. You won’t believe your eyes, seriously won’t believe it.
Felony is now a drooling, cum drunk mess, we pull her legs back and give her brutal rough fucking. She gets a professional dick down and cums multiple time while taking cock. Before she can understand what is even happening she is suspended in a catastrophic back arching suspension from hell that is truly beautiful to behold. Once up, we rip another screaming squirting orgasm out of our Hot MILF. Felony is done, all she can do is suffer in the extreme bondage and wait for for us to become interested in her again…

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Extreme Tit Torture 8

Extreme Tit Torture 8
Extreme Tit Torture 8
A man tormented by a girl with very large breasts. Ties with ropes, catches clothespins on nipples, etc.

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Dan Hawke – Interludes Of Agony VIII

Dan Hawke – Interludes Of Agony VIII
Dan Hawke - Interludes Of Agony VIII
Another bounty of bound pulchritude waits within this package! First girl-next-door beauty Giovanna Giore is bound sitting to Dan’s bondage box, legs spread wide. Dan adds a pump gag and crotch rope and forces the girlish babe into a nasty arch! Ouch, watch that rope get swallowed by pussy lips. Next up and extended scene of Trina getting clothespin treatment. Dan has a nice rapport with Trina which makes this an especially erotic scene. Great close up of thread of drool dropping off Trina’s crushed pussy lips.
Liz Tyler and Aiysis are bound back to back. A rope from each beauty’s foot runs through pulleys before lodging deep within the other girl’s pussy. The rope seesaws back and forth between the two cunts and the girls get madder and madder at one another! Natalia Ashe gets a modified hogtie next and the spreader bar between her ankles allows for some lovely views of her wide open puss and her gorgeously puckered asshole.
Finally Cybil, another model with a real submissive bent, gets worked over with crop and flogger until she glows a cherry red. Finally her ankles are spread wide and she finishes up with a tortuous spread eagle suspension. As always, previews of other titles are included.

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Cherry Torn – Physically and Sexually Destroyed

Cherry Torn – Physically and Sexually Destroyed
Cherry Torn - Physically and Sexually Destroyed
Welcome Cherry Torn to Sexually Broken. Cherry has one of the hottest natural bodies in the world. She is beautiful, flexible, and loves being sexually devastated. We lock Cherry into a brutal position that tests the limit of her endurance. Her body is exposed, legs spread, head back, tits push up and out, her perfect pussy wet, waiting.
We start with an intense body and pussy flogging. We turn her perfect white skin pink and red. Every part of her body is feeling the burn. With her head back her mouth is just begging to get a good fucking. Cherry mouth is fucked deep and hard. She is given almost to chance to breath. She struggles for any air while at the same time the vibrator is making her cum. Her body spasms from lack of oxygen and her orgasm at the same time.
We move to the front and humiliate Cherry by slowly sliding a hard cock up into her wet pussy. We fuck it slow, there is nothing she can do to prevent the cock from just sliding in her at will. We fuck her, make her cum, then let her suffer in her brutal, back-breaking bondage, but not before we finger blast her “g” spot and make her squirt and cum all over herself.

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Cassandra Nix – Ass up, Mouth out

Cassandra Nix – Ass up, Mouth out
Cassandra Nix - Ass up, Mouth out
At 19 years old Cassandra Nix is as cute as they come. Big puffy nipples, long sexy legs, an amazing ass, with a beautiful California tan.
Not only is Cassandra cute but she is BDSM tough. We start with some heavy foot caning. The delicate soles of her feet are abused and tortured well. She takes the pain and wants more.
We then attack the back of her 19 year old throat with hard cock. A brutal face fucking, non-stop. She gags, she spits, she suffers from the cock. Breath play at it’s best; she breathes when we let her breathe, total throat control.
Her mouth hole gets the cock rock hard, so we get behind her and fuck our 19 year old to several intense orgasms. It’s a brutal pounding but she has no choice but to to take it. There is nowhere for her to go and the cock hits deep and hard. How much can she handle? What is her limit? We will have to find out. All we know is right now is that she’s 19, bound, and getting sexually devastated.

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Beretta James – Masturbation Punishment

Beretta James – Masturbation Punishment
Beretta James - Masturbation Punishment
We gave Beretta a little break in between scenes and she disappeared for over 40 minutes. We figured out she was in the bathroom and from the sounds we knew what was going on.
We bust in and grab the little masturbating slut. If she wants pleasure we can do that, but lets add some pain before we turn her into a squirting, cumming, helpless cock sheath.
Severely bound into the ultimate “fuck me” position, Beretta is completely helpless: spread, gagged and blindfolded. She has no idea when or what is going to happen to her. We flog her wet shaved pussy. We cane her feet. We poke at her huge nipples while her big breasts are painfully tied. Then we fuck her with a nice hard cock until she cums like a common whore. There is nothing she can do but cum. We pull out and finger blast her to several squirting orgasms. We love wearing out hot cougars. In the end we jam a dildo up her cunt with a vibrator on her clit and make her cum all day long.

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Beretta James – Brutal Skull fucking, Sybian Overload

Beretta James – Brutal Skull fucking, Sybian Overload
Beretta James - Brutal Skull fucking, Sybian Overload
Welcome Beretta James to Sexually Broken. This 35 year old is one of the hottest cougars on the planet. Sexy, beautiful and in her sexual prime, you can not ask for more.
Bound and stuck on the worlds most powerful vibrator, Beretta will soon understand the true definition of “helpless”. We start by enlarging her huge nipples with suction, stretching them to the obscene. A painful wooden tongue trap is applied effectively gagging our subject.
The sybian is engaged, Beretta’s body jumps from the immediate pleasure that jolts through her body. Her first orgasm is seconds away, until she is distracted by a brutal and intense skull fucking. Beretta has the back of her throat fucked and fucked good. All she can do is struggle to breath as her face is fucked, the cock is used as a brutal breath play tool as Beretta goes into survival mode for precious air.
The suction cups are removed, Beretta’s nipples are now 3x times their original size. We bind them to the floor and pull her body forward pushing her clit harder onto the vibrator. Orgasm after orgasm rocks her body, she can’t stop cumming. More cock is jammed down her throat as she is cumming, the air restricted, the orgasm stronger then the last…

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Avantgarde Extreme 06 Faust-Fix Spezial

Avantgarde Extreme 06 Faust-Fix Spezial
Avantgarde Extreme 06 Faust-Fix Spezial
I think the video of German club Kit-Kat in the description does not need.
Video is not for the faint of heart, there is almost everything.

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Ash Hollywood – Sybian Bound, Zippered and Throated

Ash Hollywood – Sybian Bound, Zippered and Throated
Ash Hollywood - Sybian Bound, Zippered and Throated
Welcome Ash Hollywood to Sexually Broken. This sexy blond finds herself quickly overloaded with sensation. Her sexual destruction is amazing to watch.
Bound onto the worlds most powerful vibrator Ash finds herself at the mercy of her own body. Her arms are brutally tied back into a painful strappado that pushes her clit even harder onto the evil sybian.
We tease our little blond by turning the sybian on at a low setting building her sexual frustration level up to an unbearable level. She needs to cum but she just can’t yet.
Now we push Ash to her sexual limit. We crank up the orgasm machine, sending Ash’s brain into subspace territory. But we are cruel and turn Ash’s mouth into a cock depository. A devastating throat fucking ensues. The cock is pushed deep down her throat over and over impeding her ability to breath at all.
The combined breath play with the most powerful vibrator on the planet sends Ash down the rabbit hole. Gagging, orgasm after orgasm wrecks Ash’s world. She can not stop herself from cumming over and over. Her brain is sexually devastated. The proof is when we rip the zipper from her tender flesh and she doesn’t even react! We tighten up a neck rope, limiting air to Ash, and leave her cumming over and over into the night..

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Ariel X – Muscle-Punishment

Ariel X – Muscle-Punishment
Ariel X - Muscle-Punishment
Welcome Fitness Model and Sexual Athlete, Ariel X to Sexually Broken. There is nothing sexier than strong women totally helpless.
Bound on her knees (where she belongs) Ariel finds that all her strength and muscles are no match for the ropes that make her completely helpless.
Suction cups are deployed to make Ariel’s nipples 3x their original size. We beat her hard body with a flogger, paying special attention to her perfect breasts and pussy. A tongue trap keeps her from swallowing, and harsh Cpins further the tongue torment.
We make Ariel scream in pain and moan in ecstasy. We rip a zipper off her body at the exact second she is cumming, the result is fantastic to behold. If you want to see a strong, powerful, and helpless women beg to cum like a common whore do not miss this offering.

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